This is the page for all my resources and documents for the book of Numbers. The first section contains documents that survey the entire book. The second section contains links to a survey video for the book from the Old Testament Survey course. The next section is broken down by each passage in a general outline of the book. Click the label of any passage to expand for access to documents and information about each individual passage. Feel free to use and distribute any information you find helpful as long as you give credit where appropriate.
General Documents
Survey Video
Individual Passages
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1:1-9:14 At Sinai
9:15-21:35 In the Desert
    9:15-10:36 Leaving Sinai
    11:1-17:13 Rebellion, Punishment, and Grace
      11:1-35 Whining About Food
      12:1-16 Challenge to Moses' Leadership
      • 12:1-16 Miriam and Aaron Challenge Moses' Leadership
      13:1-14:12 Unbelief at Kadesh (spies)
      • 13:1-25 Spies are Sent to the Land
      • 13:26-33 The Spies Spread Fear and Unbelief
      • 14:1-12 The People Rebel and God Threatens Destruction
      14:13-19 Moses' Intercession
      14:20-45 Punishment
      15:1-41 New Grace
      16:1-17:13 More Rebellion
    18:1-20:13 Wandering in the Desert
      18:1-32 Priestly Regulations
      19:1-22 Cleansing Waters
      20:1-13 Moses' Sin
    20:14-21:35 Death of Aaron and Holy War
22:1-36:13 On the Plains of Moab
    22:1-24:25 Balaam Cycle
    25:1-18 Sin at Peor
    • 25:1-18 Israel Punished for Sinning With Moabite Women
    26:1-36:13 Provisions for the Promise