Prepositional Phrases: Phrases That Modify
Prepositional phrases give information that describes a verb, subject, or object, usually by locating it in time or space.

A prepositional phrase is built around a preposition. A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between its object and the word it modified by locating them in time or space. e.g. on, under, after, toward, etc.

A prepositional phrase contains a preposition, an object of the preposition (a noun or pronoun) and (sometimes) adjectives modifying the noun.

It is important to determine which word the phrase modifies. If it modifies the verb, it functions like an adverb. If it modifies a noun, it functions like an adjective.

Prepositional Phrases:
[preposition + (modifier(s)) + object] that modifies a verb, subject or object.

The prepositional phrases are highlighted in the following sentences.
John hit the ball to Jim.
The window above the door was shattered.
Hint: Prepositional phrases can be located by asking Where? and When? etc. for verbs, and Which one? for nouns.
e.g. Where did he hit the ball? Which window?

Find the prepositional phrases in the following sentences.

First, click on the prepositional phrase.
Good job, now click on the term which it modifies.
Good, now try a different sentence.
Great Job! You have found the prepositional phrases in all the sentences.

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