New Testament Survey - Module 5: Revelation and Review

Hi everyone, and welcome to the fifth and final module of the New Testament Survey Course.

This module covers the Book of Revelation and Review of all the New Testament. Revelation is a unique book which applies the Gospel of Jesus Christ to living in difficult times. And this module will give the student the opportunity to review and apply all that they have learned from the New Testament as a whole.

Through this module, you will learn the nature, background, organization, content, and themes of the Book of Revelation. But you will also be invited to explore the significance and application of all of the New Testament and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to your own personal life and ministry.

Module Objectives and Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, the student will:

  • Place the Book of Revelation into the chronology and literary genre of the New Testament, as well as the theological and conceptual framework of the entire Bible.
  • Explain the main message(s), organization, themes, and/or theology of the Book of Revelation.
  • Explain and apply the main contours of the Christian life lived in the tension of a sometimes hostile culture while also looking forward to the life of the next age.
  • Describe strategies, attitudes, and actions by which both Christian leaders and average Christians can remain faithful in lifestyle and proclamation of Christ, while also resisting the temptations and pressures of a godless society.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and application of the Good News about Jesus to every area of life, with a flexibility to be lived out in any life circumstance.
  • Have a growing understanding of the nature of discipleship, sanctification, and the mission of the Christian church, as described in the Entire New Testament, and demonstrate a desire to grow in the experience of each of these.

Course Documents

In this section, you'll find links to important and supplemental documents for this module. Click the following links to open each document. The first group contains documents that explain and give instruction for all the course activities in this module. The second group is a set of blank lecture notes which you may use as a companion for the video lectures. And the last group contains overview and supplemental documents for some of the topics covered in this module.

Instruction Guides

Bible Summary


In this section, you will find the video lectures for all the Revelation and Review module. They are designed to be watched in order, but each video should make sense on its own. Click each thumbnail to open access to each video. There are also links with each video if you prefer to watch on the YouTube interface or download just the audio to listen offline.

45: Intro to Revelation
46: Revelation
46a: The Throne and The Lamb - Part 1
46b: The Throne and The Lamb - Part 2
47: Review of NT Themes
48: What Jesus Accomplished
49: Living Out the Christian Faith


In this section, you will find the review slides from the course lectures for module 5. This is a convenient way to view and review the summaries for each lecture. Click the Thumbnail picture to begin the slide show.

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Review Quiz

This section is a link to a separate page which contains a review quiz to test your understanding of the objective material for Module 5. By clicking the link, you will be taken to a series of questions, in random order. Answer each question and then push the Submit button to check your answers. Every question must be answered before you can submit the quiz. At the end, you will be shown your score for the entire quiz. The quiz will be different each time, so feel free to take it more than once. Click the Thumbnail picture to begin the quiz.


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Discussion/Reflection/Essay Questions

This section contains questions for further thought and discussion from Module 5. These questions can also be used as essay questions in a classroom setting exam. It is recommended that you take time to think through these issues in order to thoroughly grasp the significance and explore the application of the material you are learning. Click the Thumbnail to view the questions.


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The following questions are for your thoughtful consideration and discussion:

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Course Completed!

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the New Testament Survey course. I hope that you have found it rewarding and have noticed tremendous personal growth.

Remember that this course is just a beginning survey of the New Testament. I encourage you to continue a lifetime of continued study.

If you have found this course to be helpful, feel free to try other courses, and tell others about the Scripture Exegesis site. Thanks.