Old Testament Survey

...the one hearing my word and believing the One Who sent me has eternal life... Jn 5:24

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Old Testament Survey - Course Introduction

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Old Testament survey course. I have taught this material at the college level for years. And I'm now making this material available for schools, churches, small groups, and individuals who would like to know God's Word better. I'm fortunate to be able to offer this material without charge, but please don't assume that it is low quality because it is free. This course has been proven in many educational settings, and I have worked hard to make this material beneficial at many levels. Feel free to use this material in any way that honors Christ and advances His kingdom.


Upon successful completion of this course,


In the past, this course has been taught in 10 week and 5 week intensive formats. Here, it will be divided into seven modules based on the natural divisions of the topic. In this way, you can go through this course in whatever time frame fits your purposes. I have included the schedule for both the 5 and 10 week versions below as a guideline.


Each module will have the following sections. A brief description of the resources you will find in each section is included under the section heading below.


In this section, you will find any instructions needed for completing the module. The instructions for all activities and assignments will be found here.

Course Documents

In this section, you will find documents for each course module. These will include background material, suggested assignments, and supplementary material.


In this section, you will find the video lectures on all the course material. They are designed to be watched in order, but each video should make sense on its own. These are standard embedded YouTube videos, which can be expanded to full screen, or watched on YouTube.

Untitled Test Video
Intro to Theological Foundations


In This section, you will find the summary reviews from each video in a convenient format for review and study.