Old Testament Survey - Module 7: Toward the New Testament

Hi everyone, and welcome to the seventh and final module for the Old Testament survey course. In this section, we'll lay the groundwork for connecting what we have learned in the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Upon successful completion of this module, the student will:

  • Summarize a review of the Old Testament history and teaching.
  • Demonstrate how the Old Testament prepares for the climactic revelation of Christ.
  • Describe how the various themes of the Old Testament find their fulfillment in Christ.
  • Explain how Jesus satisfies Deuteronomistic theology, fulfills both sides of the Covenant, and brings the consummation of SCRuB.

Below you will find links to all the study material for this module.

Course Documents

Click the following links to open the documents for this module. The first group contains documents that explain and give instruction for all the course activities in this module. And the second group is a set of blank lecture notes which you may use as a companion for the video lectures.

Instruction Guides

Lecture Notes


In this section, you will find the video lectures for the Final module looking forward to the New Testament from the Old Testament. This video serves as a review of some major concepts from the Old Testament and a preview of how all of what you learned connects to God's further revelation in the New Testament. Click each thumbnail to open access to the video. There is also a link with the video if you prefer to watch on the YouTube interface.

52: Toward the New Testament


In this section, you will find the review slides from the course lectures for module 7. Click the Thumbnail picture to begin the slide show.

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Discussion/Reflection/Essay Questions

This section contains questions for further thought and discussion from Module 1. These questions can also be used as essay questions in a classroom setting exam. It is recommended that you take time to think through these issues in order to thoroughly grasp the significance and explore the application of the material you are learning. Click the Thumbnail to view the questions.

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The following questions are for your thoughtful consideration and discussion:

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  1. How do the crucifixion and resurrection fulfill major Old Testament themes? What does this reveal about God?
  2. What is "Crucifixion Theology" and how does it fulfill Deuteronomistic Theology?
  3. Select one or more major OT themes and discuss how they are fulfilled in Jesus? How does this apply to modern Christians?
  4. How are the 5 epochs of OT history continued, completed and fulfilled in the New Testament? How does this impact the history which we are now living?
  5. How does God reveal His Name in the New Testament? What difference does this make?
  6. How is SCRuB fulfilled in the New Testament? How will it be fulfilled at the end of the age? What difference should this make to the way that we live?
  7. How does Jesus fulfill both God's part and humanity's part of the Covenant?

Course Completed!

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the Old Testament Survey course. I hope that you have found it rewarding and have noticed tremendous personal growth.

Remember that this course is just a beginning survey of the Old Testament. I encourage you to continue a lifetime of Biblical study.

If you have found this course to be helpful, feel free to try other courses, and tell others about the Scripture Exegesis site. Thanks.