The second step of a sentence flow is to put the sentence skeleton on the main line.

Displaying Indirect Objects

If there is an indirect object, it is displayed on the main line between the verb and the direct object. The indirect object can be located by asking who or what indirectly receives the action of the verb through the direct object.

Because John 3:16-18 does not have any indirect objects, you can drill with some other verses. Some of these propositions have indirect objects, some do not.
(Remember that many propositions do not have an indirect object.)

Click on the indirect object in each of the propositions. You will see the results in the sentence flow below.

(If the proposition does not have an indirect object, click on the 'NO I.O.' button.)

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity. - 2 Tim. 1:7 they can buy themselves some food. - Matt. 14:15
If you ask me anything in my name... - John 14:14
I speak the truth in Christ. - Rom. 9:1
Then they told Jesus what had happened. - Matt. 14:12
She poured it on Jesus' feet... - John 12:3
He will rescue us from your hand. - Dan. 3:17
They offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. - Matt. 2:11
Correct, now find the I.O. of the next proposition
Sorry, try again
Good Job, you have found all the indirect objects

Subject Verb Indirect Object Direct Object
God did give us spirit
They can buy themselves food
you ask me anything
I speak [none] truth
They told Jesus what
she poured [none] it
He will rescue [none] us
they offered him gifts