Theological Foundations - Module 3: Theological Framework

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the third module for the Theological Foundations course. In this module, we'll learn various ways to help you organize your theological knowledge. This will help you to better understand and remember Biblical truth. It will also help you to see the relationship between the important ideas. In one sense, the material for this module is fairly simple. It is just understanding and remembering a few simple categories and outlines. And if this is all you get out of this module, it will aid your theological understanding. However, there is much more that you should aspire to get out of this material. Ideally, you will begin to meditate on the connection between all the diverse ways to look at the big-picture organization and understand how all the categories of theological data work together to give us a comprehensive picture of God's greatness and His gracious provision for all of our life and godliness. May the Lord grant that you have many lightbulb moments where your heart burns because you see the significance of a truth in part of your life because you now understand how it fits.

Module Objectives and Outcomes

Module Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module, the student will:

  • Articulate an organized framework for theological truth that is faithful to Biblical organization.
  • Demonstrate how their personal theology is an outworking of the Gospel of Christ crucified, raised and reigning as Lord.

Module Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, the student will be able to:

Cognitive Outcomes
  • Conceptualize a basic outline of the Biblical storyline and how it frames theological truth
  • Grasp a basic outline of the Gospel and how it frames theological truth
  • Describe the common contexts for application of theological truth
  • Articulate the traditional categories of Systematic theology and their relevance to the existential issues of Christian life
Affective Outcomes
  • Place their own personal history and destiny in the context of God’s universal history
  • Share a commitment to live as one who has been reconciled to God in Christ
  • Desire an application of a consistent Christian worldview
  • Share a commitment to living under the Lordship of Christ in every area of life

Course Documents

In this section, you'll find links to important and supplemental documents for this module. Click the following links to open each document. The first group contains documents that explain and give instruction for all the course activities in this module. The second group is a set of blank lecture notes which you may use as a companion for the video lectures.

Instruction Guides

Lecture Notes

Supplemental Documents


In this section, you will find the video lectures for all the course material for module three. They are designed to be watched in order, but each video should make sense on its own. Click each thumbnail to open access to each video. There is also a link with each video if you prefer to watch on the Rumble or YouTube interface. In addition, there is a link to download the audio for offline review.

8: Theological Framework - Traditional Theological Categories
9: Theological Framework - Overarching Themes


In this section, you will find the review slides from the course lectures for module 3. This is a convenient way to view and review the summaries for each lecture. Click the Thumbnail picture to begin the slide show.

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Review Quiz

This section is a link to a separate page which contains a review quiz to test your understanding of the objective material for Module 7. By clicking the link, you will be taken to a series of questions, in random order. Answer each question and then push the Submit button to check your answers. Every question must be answered before you can submit the quiz. At the end, you will be shown your score for the entire quiz. The quiz will be different each time, so feel free to take it more than once. Click the Thumbnail picture to begin the quiz.

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Discussion/Contemplation/Essay Questions

This section contains questions for further thought and discussion from Module 1. These questions can also be used as essay questions in a classroom setting exam. It is recommended that you take time to think through these issues in order to thoroughly grasp the significance and explore the application of the material you are learning. Click the Thumbnail to view the questions.

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The following questions are for your thoughtful consideration and discussion:

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Module Completed!

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the third module. I hope that you have found it rewarding and have noticed personal growth.

I encourage you to continue on to the next module as soon as is convenience. The button below will take you to Module 4.