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1:1-8 Introduction
1:9-3:22 In the Spirit on the Lord's Day
1:9-20 John's Commission
2:1-3:22 Letters to Seven Churches
4:1-16:21 In the Spirit - The Heavenly Vision
4:1-5:14 Worship in Heaven
  • 4:1-11 Worship in the Heavenly Throneroom
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    1-2a Introduction to the Vision
    1a After these things I looked
    This transitions from the previous vision - which included the vision of the resurrected Christ and His message to the seven churches (1:9-3:22) - to the next vision - the vision of the heavenly throne room - which will run through the end of chapter 16.
    The introduction to each of the visions in Revelation contains 1) a mention of John seeing something, or being shown something, 2) a mention of some heavenly messenger, 3) and a reference to being in the Spirit, among other things.
    1b And Behold - a door having been opened in heaven
    An opening in heaven is a regular symbol to show an intimate connection between heaven and earth - an access to heaven is given, which is not normally experienced (see Matt. 3:16, Acts 7:56). The curtain was pulled back, as it were, and John was given access to experience heavenly realities normally hidden and inaccessible to normal human life. The inaccessibleness of heavenly realities does not make them any less real. A major purpose of the Book of Revelation is to remind the readers of the impact that these hidden heavenly realities have on our everyday lives, even though we are not always aware of them.
    1c-f The commission to receive the vision
    1c And the first Voice which I heard as a trumpet was speaking with me
    This refers back to the voice John heard in his first vision (see 1:10), which turned out to be the voice of the risen Christ. Christ is the authority behind all of John's visions, even though some of them are mediated by angels and other heavenly beings.
    The voice was like the sound of a trumpet, which also refers back to Johns first vision. This may also refer to the loud sounds that accompanied God's glorious display on Mount Sinai (see Exo. 19:16, 19).
    1d-f The voice commanded to receive the vision
    1d Saying:
    This is just a discourse marker, transitioning and drawing attention to the content of what was said, as will be stated in the following propositions.
    1e-f Command to receive the vision
    1e Come up here!
    1f And I will show you the things which will inevitably happen after these things
    2a And immediately, I was in the Spirit
    2b-11 Vision of the Throne-Room of God
    2b-8 The Throne of God
    2b-3a The Throne
    3b-8 Around the Throne
    3b And a circle of light around the throne had the likeness similar in appearance to an emerald
    4 Around the Throne - 24 elders on 24 Thrones
    5a And from the throne went out lightning and a roar and thunder
    5b-c Before the Throne - Seven Torches
    6a And before the throne, there was something like a sea of glass similar in appearance to crystal
    6b-8 Around the Throne - Four Living Creatures
    9-11 The continual worship of God, because He is worthy
    9 And when the living creatures gave glory and honor and blessing to the One sitting upon the throne - the One living forever and ever
    10-11 the elders worshipped God in deeds and words
    10a-c The elders fell and gave worship to God
    10a The twenty-four elders fell before the One sitting on the throne
    10b And they worshipped the One living forever and ever
    10c And they placed the crowns before the throne
    10d-11 Declaring the infinite worthiness of God because He is Creator
    10d Saying:
    11 You are worthy of all because You are Creator of all
    11a O, our Lord and God, You are worthy to receive the glory and the honor and the power
    11b-c Because You are the source and creator of all things
    11b Because You created all things
    11c And they were also created because of Your will
  • 5:1-14 The Scroll & the Conquering Lamb
6:1-16:21 Series of Sevens on Earth
6:1-8:5 Seven Seals
  • 6:1-8 Four Seals, Four Horsemen
  • 6:9-11 Fifth Seal - Martyrs Call for Justice
  • 6:12-17 Sixth Seal - Wrath of the Lamb
  • 7:1-8 Sealing of the 144,000
  • 7:9-12 Numberless Multitude in Worship
  • 7:13-17 Interpretation of the Vision of the Multitude
  • 8:1-5 Seventh Seal & Prayers of the Saints
8:6-11:19 Seven Trumpets
  • 8:6-13 The First Four Trumpets
  • 9:1-12 Fifth Trumpet - Torment of Unbelievers
  • 9:13-21 Sixth Trumpet - 1/3 of Humanity is Killed
  • 10:1-11 The Mystery will be Completed
  • 11:1-14 The Two Witnesses
  • 11:15-19 Seventh Trumpet
12:1-14:20 Seven Cosmic Events
  • 12:1-18 The Woman & the Dragon
  • 13:1-10 The Beast from the Sea Fights the Saints
  • 13:11-18 The Beast from the Earth Deceives the World
  • 14:1-5 The Lamb & His Army
  • 14:6-12 Interlude - Three Angels
  • 14:13-20 The Harvest of the Earth
15:1-16:21 Seven Bowls
  • 15:1-8 God's is Justified in Giving Seven Bowls of Judgment
  • 16:1-11 The First Five Bowls
  • 16:12-21 The Sixth and Seventh Bowls - Judgment & Battle
17:1-21:8 In the Spirit - Vision of the Prostitute
17:1-18 The Great Prostitute
  • 17:1-6 Vision of the Great Prostitute
  • 17:7-14 Interpretation of the Beast and its Destiny
  • 17:15-18 Interpretation of the Woman & Her Destiny
18:1-24 The Fall of Babylon
  • 18:1-8 Announcement of Babylon's Fall
  • 18:9-20 The Three Woes as People Mourn for Babylon
  • 18:21-24 Babylon Will Be Thrown Down
19:1-20:15 Final Victory over Evil
  • 19:1-10 Three Hallelujahs & Worship of God
  • 19:11-16 The Rider on the White Horse
  • 19:17-21 The Feast of Judgment
  • 20:1-6 The Thousand Years
  • 20:7-10 The Final Deception and Defeat of the devil
  • 20:11-15 The Great White Throne Judgment
21:1-8 New Creation Purged of Evil
  • 21:1-8 The New Creation Purged of Evil
21:9-22:5 In the Spirit - Vision of the Bride
21:9-27 New Jerusalem
  • 21:9-14 The New Jerusalem
  • 21:15-21 Description/Measurement of the City
  • 21:22-27 The Glory of the City
22:1-5 Eden Restored
22:6-21 Epilogue
  • 22:6-7 Reiteration of the Introduction
  • 22:8-11 John's Testimony about the Book
  • 22:12-16 Jesus' Testimony and Blessing
  • 22:17-21 Conclusion