The Subject: The Actor of the Sentence
The second most important item to recognize is the subject. The verb describes the action of the sentence. And something (a person or thing) does this action. The word that tells the actor of the sentence is the subject.

The Subject:
The subject is the word that describes who or what does the action of the sentence.

The subject is highlighted in the following sentences:
John hit the ball to Jim.
Then Jim threw John the ball
He did not catch it, but the ball went over his head and broke Mrs. Smith's stained glass window.
Hint: The subject can be located by asking Who did the action? e.g. Who hit the ball?

Click on the subject in the following sentences.

And in that day a great trumpet will sound - Isa. 27:13

They sent Peter and John to them. - Acts 8:14

In his anger against Israel the LORD handed them over to raiders. - Jdg. 2:14
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