In a sentence flow, modifiers are placed under the words which they modify in such a way as to clearly demonstrate this modifying relationship.

Sentence Modifiers

Underneath each each element of the sentence skeleton, you put any words that somehow modify (describe) that particular element. These can be all types of words and phrases. Each is placed under the word it modifies, as demonstrated below. A complete phrase is displayed on the same line, but if there is more than one word or phrase describing one term, they are usually lined up underneath each other, but may be grouped together on the same line.

Subject Verb Indirect Object Direct Object


God loved world
so the

He sent them Son

People crucified Him
the on a tree

He rose
from the dead
on the third day

Note that not every item has to have a modifier. Don't feel the need to fill every place in the sentence flow scheme, but rather fit every word into the place which most appropriately describes its function.

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