This is the page for all my resources and documents for the book of Second John. The first section contains documents that survey the entire book. The next section is broken down by each passage. Click the label of any passage to expand for access to documents and information about each individual passage. In each section, you can also click to see a detailed, annotated outline of that section. Feel free to use and distribute any information you find helpful as long as you give credit where appropriate.
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  • 1-4 Introduction
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    1-2 Salutation
    1a From: The Elder
    The Elder = John, the author
    1b-2 To: The Church
    1b To the Elect Lady and Her Children
    "The elect lady & children" almost certainly = The church & the people
    1c-2 Whom I & all who know the truth love because of the truth
    1c-e Whom I and all who know the truth love
    1c Whom I love in truth
    1d-e I and all those who know the truth
    1d Neg: And not I alone
    1e Pos: But also all those who know the truth
    True fellowship around a common object of love - the Truth Himself
    2 Reason: Because of the truth
    2a Because of the truth which is remaining in us
    2b And it will be with us forever
    3 Blessing
    It will be/May it be
    What will be:
    With you
    From God the Father
    And from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father
    In truth and love
    Either describes how these things will be with you
    Or describes Jesus Christ
    4 Thanksgiving
    4a I rejoice greatly
    4b-c Reason: I have found your children walking in truth like the Father commanded
    4b Because I have found some of your children walking in truth
    4c Just as we received a command from the Father
    Notice that John rejoices in Discipleship which obediently lives out God's will
  • 5-11 Body
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    5-6 The Classic command - Love one another
    5 I'm reminding you of the classic command that we should love one another
    5a-d I am reminding you of the classic command
    5a I am asking you, Lady/Church
    5b-d Not a new, but the classic command
    5b Neg: Not writing to you a new command
    5c-d Pos: But the command we already have had
    5c But I am writing to you the command
    5d Which we have had from the beginning
    5e That we would/should love one another
    6 Explanation of the classic command
    6a-b This is love - living according to His commands
    6a This is love:
    6b That we live according to His commands
    Literally, "walk according to His commands"
    "walk" = lifestyle
    6c-e This is the classic command so that you will live by it
    6c-d This is the command you heard from the beginning
    6c This is the command:
    6d Just as you heard from the beginning
    6e Purpose: So that you may live by it/walk in it
    Just a reminder and encouragement to do what we all know we need to do
    We just need motivation and help to do it
    Reminder that love = obedience
    Love is NOT just a nebulous emotion without content or action
    7-11 Reason: False teaching and false teachers exist and are dangerous
    7-8 Be on guard against deception and loss
    7 Watch out for deceivers that deny Christ
    7a Many deceivers have gone out into the world
    7b-c Explanation and description of the deceivers:
    7b The ones who do not confess Jesus Christ coming in the flesh
    Theological orthodoxy is one of the true tests of a true church
    Don't be so enamored with other things that you forget this important safeguard
    7c This one is the deceiver and the antichrist
    8 Watch yourselves so that you'll get the full reward
    8a Watch/guard yourselves
    8b-c Purpose: so that you will receive the full reward that we have worked for
    8b Neg: So that you do not lose the things we have accomplished
    8c Pos: But so that you may receive the full reward
    9-11 How to discern and respond to false teachers
    9 How to discern if someone is a false teacher:
    9a Neg: Every one who goes beyond and does not remain in the teaching of Christ does not have God
    Doctrine/Theology is important
    Beware of exploring uncharted theological territory
    There is enough Bible to keep you busy for the next 100 lifetimes
    You have no need to go elsewhere for your primary theological supply
    (You may supplement, but keep the Scripture primary)
    Beware of the temptation to be novel and fresh in order to catch an audience
    Beware of those who call everything into question based on their experience or worst case scenarios
    Beware of those whose final standard of judgment is anywhere but Scripture
    There are only two possible final authorities - God speaking in Scripture or the autonomous self
    9b Pos: But the one remaining in the teaching, this one has both the Father and the Son
    10-11 Therefore: Don't receive the false teachers or you will be a partner with them
    10 Don't receive or greet those who do not bring this teaching
    10a-b If someone comes and does not bring this teaching
    10a If someone comes to you
    10b And they do not carry this teaching
    10c-d Then don't receive, don't even greet them
    10c Do not receive them into the house
    10d And do not say a greeting to them
    11 Reason: Because the one who greets/welcomes him partners in his evil work
    Beware of being light on false teachers
    (fight wolves, not sheep or goats)
    But don't let the people you influence be influenced by heretics
  • 12-13 Conclusion
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    12 Intended visit
    12a-b Neg: I don't want to communicate primarily through writing
    12a Even though I have many things to write to you
    12b I am not willing [to do so] with paper and ink
    12c-f Pos: I want to communicate face to face
    12c-e I hope to speak to you face to face
    12c But I hope
    12d-e What I hope
    12d To come to you
    12e And to speak face to face
    Literally "mouth to mouth"
    12f Purpose: So that your joy may be fulfilled
    -cf. 1 John 1:4
    13 Greeting: The Children of your elect sister greet you
    "the children of your elect sister" almost certainly refers to another congregation